Milan Kazarka
Creating products & writing about a bunch of things

Chatcola is a next-gen open-source decentralized communication platform. You can use it by utilizing our servers, or you can run it on your systems.

Failing Unicorn
Failing Unicorn is a concatenation of my experiences in the startup world. I write about toxic personas and misconceptions found in the startup community. Feel free to read if you're a founder, investor or overall a startup veteran.

Invisible Apartment
Invisible Apartment is an ongoing cyberpunk visual novel series written by me in collaboration with around two dozen great visual artists and musicians.

Crystal Chameleon
After finishing the third part of the Invisible Apartment series I began prototyping a new story. This story is is being prepared in visual novel form as Crystal Chameleon. Together with Emanuele Arnaldi we're experimenting with a new style which is somewhere between anime and more western comics. For CC I'm also working with Mim Rasouli who is giving this VN a certain multi-cultural flair that fans of my work enjoyed in my former VNs.
Deep-Water Linux
Deep-Water is a minimal Linux distro I worked on between 2002-2004 which I recently re-discovered and put on You can find instructions on how to run it at my Reddit post. Many thanks to the Linux enthusiasts experimenting with it!

Releasing old code
I began releasing my old code online on BitBucket. This is because I feel it is a waste to keep some of my legacy projects just stored on some local hard-disks unused. You can find my repositories here. They range from C, C++ to Objective-C and Swift projects.
Website overhaul
For a few years I just held on to this domain not doing much with it. I want to change that. It's part of my strategy to centralize my content to one place. I'm a minimalist. I like clean form, clean design and simplicity, so I'll just add bits and pieces of functionality to this space and use it as a whiteboard.
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